5 things to ask your realtor before you sign the paperwork

Wise consumers are those that interview potential real estate agents prior to deciding on whom to employ. And just the same way that you have lined up your questions to ask the agent, they too will be likely to probe you too. You must be wary of those agents that don’t have any questions to ask you any questions. As a matter of fact, good agents are those that are selective when it comes to their clients, and therefore ask as many questions just to be sure of whom they are about to deal with.

Important Questions To Ask

One of the most important questions that should always be asked is how long the agent has been in real estate. Normally, an agent who has been doing it for a number of years now would be considered as the best candidate. However, this does not necessarily mean that a new person cannot do the job well; it only means that experience pays off and can be considered as a very heavy investment.

Full Time Or Part Time Realtor?

Try to find out from the agent whether this is their full time job or not. Believe it or not, someone whose livelihood depends on the sale of your home will work very hard to ensure that your house is not only sold, but that you also get good value for your money. A full time agent, unlike a part time one, is more updated on the happenings and trends in the real estate industry.  You may also want to look into hiring a buyer’s agent.  An exclusive buyers agent represent home buyers only.  They are paid only when the house you decide to buy is finalized. This way, you know you have someone who has your best interest at heart, and they are going to have an incentive to help you find your dream home.  One of the leading buyer’s agents in the country is located in Maryland.  Buyer’s Agent in Bethesda, represents only those parties interested in buying homes, and prevent a conflict of interest between parties.

What is the average sale price of the homes that you handle? This is a very important question because you would like the value of your home to be in line or even at a higher level than the average sale price of the homes that are sold by the agent if your house is at a lower level than what he normally, handles, no doubt about it he will opt to sell one that offers a better opportunity for him to make money.

Find out from the agent what makes him stand out from the pack. This might sound like a job interview. However, through this you will be able to find the right person who can be able to sell your home successfully. If by any chance you are not satisfied with the answer provided for this question, you can always consider opting out as early as possible.

Try to ask the agent if he handles the neighborhood that you live in. An agent who works within the neighborhood is more knowledgeable of the area and is able to bring more potential customers to view the house. This will give you a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day. Remember to ask the right questions so as to hire the right person.